AdvisrME Feature Update: Reviews or Awards Share

If your agents have a presence on social media such as LinkedIn or Facebook, then this is going to be game changing for you. We basically create your social media content for you! All based on reviews you and your team have already collected and awards and certifications you've already earned.

Do you have Google or AdvisrME reviews? Is your team super talented? With certifications galore? Read on for how reviews have just become your best social media friend and your latest targeted marketing strategy.

Sharing your Agent reviews and awards to social media with one click

Businesses who are active on social media are able to connect with their customers in an easy and engaging way. The best content that gains the most traction on social media platforms is content that is personal, positive and unique. People love to celebrate and share your reviews, and they love to celebrate and share the awards and certifications that you have worked so hard to earn. This is the marketing tool that will make this as easy as pie for you to generate more unique content.

AdvisrME's feature gives you the ability to amplify and activate your reviews, awards and certifications, extending their reach. With just one click AdvisrME's LinkedIn and Facebook integration generates a custom image based on your review, award or certification and then shares that image to your social media page for your customers to see.

What can you do?
Here's how to instantly share your AdvisrME and Google reviews to your LinkedIn or Facebook profile. 
  1. Log in to your AdvisrME Dashboard and head to the reviews tab
  2. Find a great review and click on the LinkedIn or Facebook Logo
  3. Run through LinkedIn or Facebook's authentication process to connect your AdvisrME profile to your LinkedIn or Facebook Business profile. Some of those permissions sound big, but we promise, the only thing AdvisrME will do here is create posts for you
  4. Click on the share button to see your custom image (instantly created just for you!)
  5. Add some text and some hashtags (I'd recommend #insurancebroker #reviews)
  6. Select which account to share the image to and
  7. Click to share.

Your review will be live on your LinkedIn or Facebook profile! Magic.
Did you know?
  • You can share your reviews more than once!
  • You can do the same with your Awards and Certifications that you have on AdvisrME. Just head to the "Awards" tab in your AdvisrME Dashboard.
I have some questions!
What is included in my custom image?
For reviews: Your company logo or AdvisrME profile picture, your name, your 5 stars and your review.
For awards and certifications: Your award badge, your name and your award title.
Can I share my Google reviews?
Yes! You can share both your native AdvisrME reviews and your Google reviews.
I'm a marketing manager, can I share my agent's reviews, awards and certifications for them?
Yes! You can create and share your agents' reviews and awards with a custom image in just one click. Then share them to your LinkedIn or Facebook business page.