AdvisrME launches new platform giving agents & brokers tools to grow their businesses

The same platform that powers Australia’s leading insurance broker marketplace, is now available to brokers or agents to build and easily manage their own marketplaces and deploy a site in days.

AdvisrME is an online marketing platform for businesses that utilise brokers or agents to reach customers.

AdvisrME, a finalist for Insurtech of the Year in the 2022 ANZIIF Australian Insurance Awards, enables insurance broker and agent distribution businesses to build and manage their own distribution channels with their own branded online presence.

The platform allows head offices to syndicate content for teams to personalise and share on social networks and measure team performance and responsiveness to customer enquiries. Branding and URLs are fully configurable,  giving customers full control over the look and feel of their sites.

“We’ve taken all the smarts that power Advisr and made it available for everyone to grow their businesses, giving them a world-class, fully configurable platform to showcase their brokers, agents and strategic partners,” said CEO AdvisrME Andy Jamieson.

More partners locally and internationally are looking at how the platform could enhance their businesses. As part of an international expansion plan, AdvisrME was at ITC Asia in Singapore in June 2022 as part of an exclusive Austrade and Insurtech Australia delegation and has been selected by Investment NSW to participate in the upcoming ITC Las Vegas.

AdvisrME is already powering Australia’s leading insurance broker marketplace with more than 4,500 brokers on the platform, as well as the migration agent focused marketplace,

"We love supporting migration agents as they grow their businesses. Through Migration Advisr, we're seeing customers find and connect with agents to start their migration journey," Mark Kopec, Head of International, BUPA, said.