AdvisrME Feature Update: Edit your team members

You have a great team and you want to make sure that they are able to be found on AdvisrME. But sometimes team members come or go and it can be difficult to keep up to date online. It's easy with AdvisrME.

Editing your Team Members on AdvisrME
AdvisrME allows branches full access to your agent profiles. This means that agent profiles can be centrally managed. If a team member arrives, create a profile! If a team member leaves, break the association with your branch. If a team member wins an award, add it for them to AdvisrME. If a team member has a phone number change, update it instantly.

With a busy team, it is often easier to centrally manage the online presence of your agents. This is all possible on AdvisrME.
What can you do?
Here's how to instantly add, remove or update your team members on AdvisrME.
  1. Log in to your AdvisrME Dashboard
  2. Head to the members tab where you can see all the profiles associated with your branch on AdvisrME
  3. To add a team member: select from the best option for you in the top 3 boxes and follow the process
  4. To remove a team member: click on the team member, click on the red "remove member" button (they will be removed from your branch, and your details will be removed from their profile)
  5. To edit a team member: click on the team member, click on the "edit member" button
  6. Update their details and click to save
  7. Repeat for all brokers requiring changes

Check your branch and agent profiles to see them instantly updated!

I have some questions!
Can I update team profile pictures?
Yes! To update your team member profile pictures click on the "edit member" button. Simply upload your team member photos. Here is some guidance around what makes a great profile pic.
What details can I edit for my agents?
You are able to edit all contact information including address, phone number and more. You can write a professional description of your team members, add them to networks and even add their awards and certifications. Make sure that your team members are added to categories and industries that they specialise in so that they will appear on those pages.
Why can't I see my "members" tab?
Make sure you are logged in as a branch rather than as an individual. This involves logging in with the email address linked to your branch profile. If you don't know which email address you need to use or if you need any other help you can connect with us at
Why can't I edit my agent?
You will always be able to add or remove brokers from your branch. However, agents have the option to make their profile unable to be edited by the branch they are a member of. Speak with them directly if you want to set up access to their profile.