AdvisrME Feature Update: Team Member Social Share

Your team is the foundation of your business. How do you support them to get the job done and create those moments that lift them up? One tool you can use is AdvisrME.
How to use AdvisrME to build your team morale
Public recognition is a critical tool in building team morale, creating a supportive and postive culture. This may be through internal awards or recognition programs but is magnified when the recognition is made public. This is where AdvisrME comes in. AdvisrME's Social Media Toolkit includes a great tool, sharing team members.
What can you do?
Once you have your team set up on AdvisrME and linked to your branch profile, there is so much you can do to publicly recognise them.

  1. Do they have a positive review? You can share their review to your company LinkedIn or Facebook page
  2. Now you can share their AdvisrME profile with a custom background and message that suits the kudos you want to give them
Some of the backgrounds you can set include, "You rock!", "Well done!", "Meet our team", "Congratulations!", and "Happy Birthday!".

How to Share Your Team Members
Here's how you can share your team members to LinkedIn and Facebook.
  1. Log in to your AdvisrME Dashboard
  2. Head to the members tab to find the team member you want to celebrate
  3. Click on the LinkedIn or Facebook icon next to the team member
  4. Make sure you authenticate AdvisrME's connection to LinkedIn or Facebook if you haven't already
  5. Click on the "Customise background" button and select your message
  6. Add your own text
  7. From the drop down, select which page you want to share the post to
  8. Click to instantly share
  9. Head to the post to tag your team member so they feel the love!

Check your LinkedIn or Facebook stream to see your team member up in lights!
I have some questions!
Why can't I see my "members" tab?
Make sure you are logged in as a branch rather than as an individual. This involves logging in with the email address linked to your branch profile. If you don't know which email address you need to use or if you need any other help you can connect with us at
I can only see a connect button, not a share button. Why?
You are yet to connect your AdvisrME profile to your LinkedIn or Facebook profile. Click on the button to start the authentication process. Be sure to use the email address linked to your LinkedIn or Facebook account and to accept all the terms and conditions.
How do I tag my business or team member in my post?
Due to limitations set by LinkedIn and Facebook tags can't be created in AdvisrME. These need to be done after the fact directly in either LinkedIn or Facebook. Simply find the post once it's live and edit it to add a tag.
Can I share my team member profiles in my brand colours?
At this time our team member share backgrounds come in blue only. If you want to see them in other colourways, be sure to let us know and we'll prioritise it in our product pipeline. You can reach us at
Can I update team profile pictures?
Yes! To update your team member profile pictures select your team member and click on the "edit broker" button. Simply upload your team member photos.