AdvisrME Feature Update: Unique Review-Generating QR Code

QR Codes are a great way to bring real life interactions into the online space. Agents on AdvisrME are now able to leverage QR technology to create real customer value and capture real customer experiences, through building up your online reviews on AdvisrME. Here’s how it works.

What is a QR Code?

A QR Code is a square black and white image that stores a URL - think of it as a barcode for finding a website. It is readable by a smartphone camera, which scans the image and then directs you to the website that the QR Code refers to. One click and you are there.

Basically a QR code is a fast and easy way to send someone to a website.

What is an AdvisrME Agent Reviews QR Code?

An AdvisrME QR Code is a unique QR Code that stores a link to leave you a review. Upon scanning your unique QR Code, your customer will be directed to your specific reviews form on AdvisrME. This is the quickest and easiest way to facilitate asking your customer for a review when you are in a face to face meeting with them.

Do I have an AdvisrME QR Code? Where can I find it?

Yes! All agents and network profiles on AdvisrME now have their own unique QR Code. You can find it in your logged-in, agent dashboard, at the very top of the reviews tab.

Pro Tip: take a screenshot of your QR Code and favourite it, so you can always have it at the ready when meeting a happy client.

How can I use my AdvisrME QR Code?

Your AdvisrME Reviews QR Code is a great asset to a successful reviews generation strategy.

As part of your client meeting process, whenever you are in a face to face situation with a happy client, ask them if they are willing to leave you a review. If they are, then follow these steps:
  1.     Login to your dashboard
  2.     Navigate to the Reviews tab
  3.     Show your customer your unique QR Code
  4.     Have them hold their smartphone camera over your QR Code
  5.     They can click the link and be directed straight to your reviews form to leave you a glowing review

What else can I do with my AdvisrME QR Code?

If you’re feeling clever you can do lots of things with your QR Code. It is useful anywhere you connect with your customers in real life (less useful online).

Simply save the image from your broker dashboard and:
  •     Add it to your business cards
  •     Display it in your office
  •     Send it out with your Christmas Cards
  •     Have it ready to share in client meetings
  •     Add it as an image to your emails, but make it clickable as well so they can choose if they scan it or click it.

Your customers are happy to leave you glowing reviews - you just need to ask, and make it as easy as possible by having your AdvisrME QR Code ready for them to scan.

Why are reviews important?

Over 95% of customers read reviews when looking for a product or service online. Having lots of real life customer reviews on your AdvisrME profile influences the buying behaviour of potential customers and encourages them to select you over another broker. Read more about why reviews are important.

You are a great agent! Make sure that new customers can see what a difference you have made to other businesses just like them.