Case Study: Advisr hitting new growth stage, powered by AdvisrME

Almost 100,000 people are set to visit leading Australian Insurtech, Advisr, this year. Advisr is large and growing, helping thousands of businesses find and connect with an insurance broker right for them. But Advisr was looking for more, and AdvisrME is the answer.

Advisr and AdvisrME

Advisr is the cornerstone tenant of AdvisrME. A growing force in the transition to digital for insurance brokers across Australia, Advisr looked to upgrade its tech stack and transition to the market leading, future-focussed AdvisrME technology for both customer centric and operations reasons.

Powered by AdvisrME, Advisr was able to go live within a matter of days, transitioning its 4500 brokers from its pre-existing infrastructure and application to the AdvisrME technology. With zero downtime and instant improvement in its SEO performance, the adoption of AdvisrME has been a step up for Advisr to open up new possibilities for its broker members.

SEO Uplift: Organic traffic up 17% within the first month of deployment

Why Advisr chose AdvisrME

To reach Advisr’s goal of supporting insurance brokers across Australia to improve their online presence, Advisr opted to transition its site across to the AdvisrME platform. Key critical features that AdvisrME provides Advisr:

  • In-built SEO performance for broker profiles
  • Compliant content hub allowing brokers to access free content, customised to their brand
  • Reviews generation tools for requesting and sharing online reviews
  • Social media integrations for one-click, on-brand content creation and sharing, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Google My Business.
  • Data transparency and reporting capabilities
  • Automated broker engagement through SMS and email notifications
  • Jobs engine for posting and applying for roles
  • Ambitious future roadmap of social and content driven marketing tools

Other operational reasons that Advisr chose to transition to the AdvisrME platform include
  • Dedicated onshore transition team based in Sydney, Australia
  • World class development team located across the world
  • Service layer to assist with upskilling and onboarding

The Future of Advisr on AdvisrME

"Advisr is thrilled to be running on the AdvisrME platform. The technology is cutting edge, performant and reliable and our members will benefit immensely from it." - Andy Jamieson, CEO, Advisr

With ambitious plans to increase the number of brokers on Advisr, bring together thousands of insurance-focussed articles, broker reviews and data points, Advisr is secure in the knowledge that the AdvisrME infrastructure will provide a stable, scalable platform to grow on.

With access to AdvisrME’s cutting edge and exciting roadmap of upcoming features, Advisr is ready to create the future of how customers are able to find an insurance broker right for them and how brokers can get their brand, skills and expertise in front of the right customers.