Case Study: Migration Advisr launches on AdvisrME to instant success

What is Migration Advisr?

Migration Advisr is a brand new marketplace helping students, families and workers find the help they need to migrate to Australia. Migration Advisr brings migration agents, migration lawyers and migration experts together into one place.

Migration Advisr and AdvisrME

Migration Advisr is built on the AdvisrME platform. The marketplace was rolled out in only a few weeks including site configuration and data onboarding of over 800 agents by the AdvisME support team.

The lightning fast rollout of the project was made possible by leveraging the cloud-based and scalable infrastructure of AdvisrME, which is built to go live quickly. The multi-tenanted application allows for near instant deployment of new sites which are then populated and activated.

Migration Advisr Success

Migration Advisr has enjoyed instantaneous success. The site was found immediately by those looking to migrate to Australia, creating a steady flow of new enquiries to the migration experts on the site from the first day live.

Leads in the first month: over 400

Example Lead:
“Let me introduce myself. my name is ryan mehta* 23 years old. I currently live in Indonesia. I intend to work in Australia in the field of machinery. My current education is a D3 engineering graduate (marine engineer). i hope you can help me so i can work in australia. Thank you”

This instant success is a result of the built-in SEO capabilities that are integral to AdvisrME.

Industry Support for Migration Advisr

Health Insurers, such as BUPA, who work with migration agents to fulfil health insurance requirements for new migrants, have been quick to support the new site, adding helpful content for users to read and learn more about migrating to Australia.

"We love supporting migration agents as they grow their businesses. Through Migration Advisr, we're seeing customers find and connect with agents to start their migration journey," Mark Kopec, Head of International, BUPA

Next Steps for Migration Advisr

The instant SEO success of Migration Advisr is set to be compounded by the continued activation of the site.

The opportunity now is for migration agents and their businesses to add more migration related content and reviews to their profiles. This will provide a resource for those looking to migrate to Australia, will compound the SEO performance of the site and will open up to the agents the content marketing and social media tools built into the AdvisrME technology.

Migration Advisr is already one of the best resources for those looking to migrate to Australia. With continued activation and the ongoing adoption of the full suite of AdvisrME marketing tools, the agents on Migration Advisr are well placed to reach out to and connect with the many individuals looking to call Australia home.