The No-code Way to Launch Your Agent-led Marketplace

For businesses that have distributed networks of agents or brokers on the ground, selling product and servicing customers, bringing those agent networks online opens up exponential opportunity.

Take each of those agents, give them a micro-site to manage where they can be easily found online, and you’ve suddenly transitioned your on the ground sales agents into online sales channels.

The fastest and easiest way to achieve this? Through a no-code marketplace platform such as AdvisrME.

What are no-code platforms?
You may have heard the term “no-code”. It refers to a platform that allows you to build an online presence, without needing to write a single line of code.

No-code solutions may come with a drag and drop or check box interface for selecting components and configurations, rather than using a developer to build you a presence from scratch.

No-code options are liberating for those without dev teams, or whose dev teams don’t have capacity to spare, or for those looking to minimise development and maintenance costs.

Typically no-code solutions are fast to roll out, have good design and don’t require you to spend time and resources on maintaining infrastructure and more.

AdvisrME is the no-code platform for agent-led businesses
AdvisrME allows you to roll out a professional, SEO performant, on-brand digital distribution marketplace for your agents within days. Without needing to write a single line of code.

AdvisrME is designed purely for bringing large agent and broker networks online with everything you need to digitise your network. Your marketplace is completely configurable to your brand and business requirements.

What does the AdvisrME platform include?
The AdvisrME platform allows you to bring together various modules and features into your own configuration that suits your business.

No-code modules and marketplace features include:
  • “Find my Agent” Function
  • Category and Location based structure and Landing Pages
  • Agent Profiles
  • Reviews Engine
  • Compliant Content Hub
  • Reporting and Analytics Package
  • Automated Email and SMS Generation
  • Social media content generation tools and integrations
  • Jobs Board
  • On-site Advertising
  • Buy-it-now Capability

With AdvisrME’s development team continually building and releasing new features, you are able to access cutting edge marketing technology, developed specifically with agent networks in mind, immediately as it comes online.

How does it work?
Your AdvisrME agent marketplace is able to be rolled out within minutes, either as a subdomain of your existing site or on an entirely fresh domain.

You have full control to create relevant pages to your organisation and configure all branding, imagery, text and more. Settings can be updated and changed at any time and new pages built and rolled out via your AdvisrME dashboard - with zero developer input. Our onboarding specialists are available to guide you to get the outcome you want.

Your agents also have access to an agent dashboard where they can configure their own presence on your marketplace. They can add new content to their page, integrate their social media accounts and highlight skills, expertise and information with a few clicks.

Is no-code right for you?
No-code solutions are the fastest, simplest way to create a unique, strong and engaging digital presence. AdvisrME is the no-code solution for bringing agent networks online, empowering your agents to reach out to new customers and be the digital distribution channel you need them to be.